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August 6, 2010

50,000 foot view

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Somebody recently asked me, can you give me a 50,000(50k) view of the problem.

To me, a 50k view of almost anything is meaningless. From that height even a boulder will look like a small rock.

How do you respond to 50k ft question?


August 7, 2009

Retrieving Administrator Password

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I always thought that there was no way to retrieve or reset the Administrator password. Until I came across Kishore’s post on OTN. To my surprise, it WORKS!

From Kishore’s post (Good one Kishore!):

  • Open NQSConfig.INI file
  • Stop the BI Server service
  • Close Administration Tool, if opened. (Then only the changes are affecting to the Administration Tool)
  • Open Administration Tool, then rpd which needs password reset, in offline mode
  • Give any password here, it accepts.
  • Now go to Manage > Security.
  • From here it’s the normal process how you change password for Administrator.
  • Save the changes to rpd
  • Revert back the changes in NQSConfig.INI
  • Start BI Server and open rpd with new password.
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